Support Their Dreams. 

I casually scroll down my Facebook feed and I see this post by my all-time favorite writer, Jackson Biko, though he likes this other,more native name: Bikozulu. 

This post is basically about the naughty Devil that often sticks out his nasty hand to grab innocent, ambitious, lovely young ladies, mostly from marginalized communities, their self-esteem, their big dreams and their whole life in general. This outrageous demon that I’m talking about, has its definition simplified in an aweful three letter acronym (which I strongly believe that it should be written in small letters): FGM. 

Well, to those who find this word sort of new, it shamelessly stands for Female Genital Mutilation.

I understood the meaning and all that happens in those cracked, smoky small huts (those rooms are regarded sacred by those practising the act though) better when I first read, No, I actually travelled with H. R. Ole Kulet  in his book; Blossoms Of The Savannah. By the way, I recommend this book to anyone who loves meeting young and of course beautiful girls and get to share in their amazing stories of splendor and bravery. Ole Kulet,who to me seems more like a feminist though he is male, ceases not to amaze me by how he makes sure that by the time you flip over the last page, you feel like putting aside that book, get on your feet and shout your lungs out, saying:

Will you support me in stopping this vice that has its shameless cloud dangling above us! “

At that time you get this extraordinary will power of making people aware of the harmful effects that these young ladies are exposed to once they get the ‘cut’.

Besides that, we have not mentioned anything about the state of hygiene that pervades that ‘surgical room’ where girls’ dreams are shuttered. The ‘surgeon’ herself, (they are mostly old ladies) does not clearly remember when she last washed her filthy hands. She cares less about sterilizing that blade as she goes on to the second and third girl. 

What about the health risk behind FGM? 

“FGM can and it does kill! ” Read a post on Guardian Australia.

It simply has no health benefit to the one subjected to it. 

Well, when all that is said, I know very well that you are probably thinking:

What can I do then?”

You already have the answer. You can support all those organizations that seek to stop this act which in recent times, ultimately qualify as an odius activity.

By ‘supporting‘, it doesn’t necessarily mean denting your wallet, No, you can as well speak against this torturous act. But first, do not just read this article and move on to other activities, which I presume are equally important, share it widely in support of these ambitious, young girls with big dreams. 

Simply support Their Dreams.

Picture courtesy of sad girl silhouette.