Be like water!

On the list of things that I love, drinking water has a special place. Well, I always tell people that I’m passionate about reading, writing and the fact that I have a blog but I’ve never quite really told anyone that I also love drinking water because really, that would sound ridiculously awkward if not absurd! My mother and I started this romance with water after we watched a program on Family TV, yes, that tells you clearly what kind of a woman my mother is. *Wink*

I can drink up to three litres of water in a day which is why I’m always such a bother to people whenever I accidentally forget my water, and please note that I’ve loosely placed ‘accidentally’ there because really, if I were to pledge my affection toward drinking water, then I’d have no reason under heaven to forget my bottle of water!

In June, I discovered fruit infused water. This is basically water that has various fruits and vegetables that not only add flavour to your mundane drinking water but also help detox your body. The most popular fruits that magically leaves you feeling refreshingly good are lemons, limes and mint leaves. Mint leaves are not necessarily fruits but if you have them in your water, trust me you won’t worry about wearing your cologne or perfume because it leaves (that pun was intended!) your body smelling really good! Mint will also help you get rid of the foul smell in the morning if you’re a drinker.

Let’s talk about water now. (Stop rolling your eyes and asking yourself what exactly have we been talking all that while. I’ve got you!) Water is one of those amazing liquids that God made. Have you ever thought about that really? I like to call water ‘the power liquid’ because that’s clearly what it is. Water is pure. Here I’m talking about the real H2O. Remember when we used to do those Chemistry laboratory tests on finding out whether water was pure, where you’d have to put drops of your ‘colourless liquid’ in blue anhydrous cobalt(II) chloride and then wait for those salt crystals to turn to pink hexahydrate cobalt(II) chloride?

*Insert cricket sounds*

My love for water has taught me a lot of valuable lesson that I wouldn’t have found anywhere else. Water is precious first of all and that’s exactly what we are if we were to apply the principle of relativity because technically speaking though, our bodies are 70% water. You see darling, you have no reason whatsoever to doubt yourself! Yes, trust your gut and intuition and then go kick some ass! Need I remind you that everyday when you wake you have the choice of being anything but mediocre?

Water is also shapeless. It simply means that it adapts to whatever vessel it is put in. This reminds me of the famous quote by legendary martial artist Bruce Lee, he said:

“…be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water in a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water in a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crush. Be water, my friend.”

What he meant by that statement is that we got to adjust to every situation we find ourselves in. We all undoubtedly know that the only certain thing about life and the future that lies ahead of us is its uncertainty. We’ll stumbled, other times fall but does it mean that we have to remain there? Absolutely No! We got to readjust. This is what Oprah Winfrey would call ‘recalculating’, we simply need to realign and get back on course!

Water is also powerful. I’m sure we’ve all heard this before, that an average person can go for days without food but can’t really make it through to a week without water. That’s how powerful water is! I’ve said this before but I won’t mind repeating it, we all have something refreshingly unique about ourselves. It might be an ability, a condition or even a trait. It’s just up to us to find it and capitalize on it.

What’s your forte?

Is it speaking boldly like Caroline Mutoko? Is it writing quintessentially like Bikozulu? Is it dancing skillfully like Kara Jenelle? Is it pouring yourself in the service of others like Mother Teresa? Is it standing for liberty like Frédéric Bastiat? Is it… Is it… Is it… Whatever it is that you do exceptionally well, do it! Yes, that’s more of a command than a request! You see, when our time here on earth falls due, we’ll be judged according to what we did and I particularly liked how Biko humorously wrote about this in one of his blogs, that we’ll be before God, and Jesus would probably be in the loo and when we’re asked to account for the things that we did during your time on earth and we apparently fumble, Jesus would come back and find God and the other Angels talking about how you wasted your time on earth and ask:

“What did I miss?”

*Insert your name*

Then God will roll His eyes and say,”will you guys stop calling that guy’s name here. It’s such stale vibe!

Finally, water is deep and soft. You know exactly where I’m heading with this statement. 😏 That’s how love is supposed to be. In our families and relationships we need to show each other affection that is irrevocable and indescribable. I mean, what is love it we can easily predict it? Love also doesn’t have to be discriminatory. We need to love everyone with their flaws and differences. I’m perfectly certain that this world would have been the most boring place if we were all the same. That’s why we need to sprinkle love everywhere! Can we please spread love? Yes, we’ll surely do that!

Be like water!


24 thoughts on “Be like water!

  1. What a beautiful post !not hot but beautiful in its shape and form ..Hahaha I’ve always wished to be a writer but instead I was given the ability to appreciate such work .I loved it

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