October 20th part 2

Mrs. Andrews received a flurry of slaps that left horrible scars on her beautiful face. 

I felt like crying, storming out that living room and head home but it was late and normally, at home, door knocks at such hours often go unanswered. I was utterly confused about what action I was supposed to take. 

I stood there, watching Kevin’s mother crying, her lesso that often  flowed flawlessly exposing only her peeping, well manicured toenails hitherto remained scattered on the cold tiled floor. 

I empathized with her. 

I tried to imagine if she were my mother. Would I still stand there? Would I commit a taboo by confronting my father? 

At that time, Mr. Andrew was breathing faster courtesy of the exhaustion brought by his henious acts. 

Mrs. Andrew went to fetch a duvet and made her way to their leather couch to catch sleep. 

She asked us to go and sleep. We obliged, without any word. 

The following day I rose early, ready to leave that house. I packed up my pajamas and quickly made it to the door before anyone stopped me.

 However, Kevin’s mother was already in the kitchen and had made breakfast. She asked me to have breakfast with them before I left. 

The previous night’s scenes alternated in my mind stressfully. I possibly couldn’t snap out of it! I didn’t want to seem rude and so I obeyed, without a word. 

A couple of seconds later, the previous night’s beast walked into the dining room. He had guilt written clearly on his slopy forehead. He slowly sipped his tea and ate his bacon paying  close attention to table manners (at least he had some manners though!) 

The silence on that table became awkward. I quickly finished all of my plate’s content and thanked the Andrews.

 I left hurriedly lest I get myself in trouble or better still get grounded by my parents for failing to fulfill my promise of being at home before noon. 

Well, along the way, those awful scenes of the night before kept flashing in my mind. 

I was not sure whether to narrate everything to my parents.

First of all, would they believe me? How would  they think of the Andrews? 

I decided to keep my thoughts to myself. 

Nevertheless, I had witnessed domestic violence. I write this article to everyone out there, this is a big issue that affects our society. Women, more often than not, become victims of this abuse. 

This is such an awful behaviour that ought to be condemned in the strongest words possible. 

Speak out! Don’t allow yourself to see someone else  languish in pain while you can do something about it. 

Save a soul. Save the future. 


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