Of Kenyan Comedy and their hidden meaning. 

It is evident that I have recently started to get used to our local TV programs that are aired on an almost daily basis.

They are utterly exhilarating! They are honestly good if you can give them your precious time. 

Moreover, we often do not think beyond our noses as far as these programs are concerned. We will just laugh, think about what Njoroge said and totally forget what happened once you’ve pressed that remote control to catch up with your favorite reality show, the news or your all-time soap (the females are sufficiently represented)! 

Well, do you know why ‘Awiti‘ uses that deep Luopean accent? *

Kalekye‘ often speaks like her neighbour back in Ukambani. 

While ‘Njambi‘ communicates like her authentic grandmother back in Nyeri. 
But why do they do this while they can actually speak normally if not express themselves eloquently? 

Here is the reason. They have first of all accepted the fact that they are proudly African and most importantly, Kenyan. 

They fake (actually do it intentionally) in order to represent that indeginous person upcountry so that they get represent in such a celebrated show. In other words, they want to promote National unity in a way that is hilarious. Which is actually BRILLIANT! 

So, the next time you sit to catch this rib-cracking KENYAN program, think critically and remember that these people mean good for our country. 

*corrupted word for how Luo people of Kenya pronounce their words, especially English words. 


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