Tree on fire

Is this tree on fire? Well, it depends on how you view it. It is the same thing with our recent relationships. Is it working, not working or simply complicated? Do not give me an answer, I mean, this is not an examination question in which the instructions read: Answer all the questions and leave none lest you will be penalized.

Apparently, our relationships as human beings nowadays is sparked by the smouldering coals of hate, dishonesty, fanned by lack of patience and understanding, and fired into full flame by our irrational behavior of looking down upon people who are different from us. We despise people based on their ethnic groups, religious beliefs and races. Why can’t we do away with this behavior? That is why this ‘tree’ called life continues to burn, and it will reach a point when it will be reduced to ashes. Who will we blame? Absolutely no one!

Let us come together and put out this fire. We often like talking about ‘let it burn!’

Haha… But in this case we ought to extinguish this shameful fire that is blazing before us.





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