The African in Me.

​My name is John Mark Kipkoech but I prefer if you call me Kipkoech. Reason? I’m proudly African, dark-skinned and of course indigenous but that does not mean that my dignity as a member of the human race is lowered. Get me right! 

I chose to write this piece in order for us to understand how important our diversity is. 

Think of a decent man or lady, dressed in an all white attire, also imagine of another set of people dressed completely in black. 

What comes to your mind when you think of those folks? 

Well, fashion designers will be quick to point out that those people would have done better if they blended those two beautiful colors. Exactly, black and white often complement each other. 

They simply blend beautifully, I repeat. 

Now you understand why I began by saying that I’m dark-skinned and native. You’ll agree with me that nobody in this universe can boast about the monopoly of literally everything. We need each other regardless of our races, tribes, nationalities and sexuality. 

Brethren, let us embrace our diversity, it is our only chance for survival. 




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