Appreciating our Hands

handsI believe that you are wondering why we should acknowledge our Creator for putting together the humerus, ulna and radius, the carpals and the metacarpals, to come up with one of the most powerful organ in the human body-the hand.

The human hand is modified in such a way that it performs some of the most immaculate functions that we can ever think of. Imagine a baby being born, the midwife’s hands, and of course her expertise will ensure that that baby is expelled properly out  from his or her mother’s womb. Think about those sophisticated machines and other high-tech gadgets that you saw executing duties in a firm or a site, “what made them?” Some of you will argue that they  were probably made using other machines, but the same question comes back around, “what made them?” The best answer would be: A human being, whose hands, without any doubt, coordinated perfectly with his or her brain.

Ben Carson, author of world’s best-selling motivational book,’Gifted Hands’, was not a very bright student, owing to the fact that he often posted dismal results in his tests.However, he confesses that one day in class, when he raised his hand to answer a question that had left the geniuses of the class scratching so hard on their heads, as if the answer would come out from the vigorous scratching of their heads, even the teacher present was flabbergasted if not shocked! Today, we know Ben courtesy of the titles he holds.

Therefore, you should never despise yourself, and on the same note, you should never be heard saying things like, “I cannot write a good essay,” or “I cannot solve that problem in Math!” Because you got what it takes and most importantly, that powerful tool that you often use to grasp things around: The hand.

Let us appreciate our hands!


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