This time last year, when I was celebrating yet another year on my already 'majority age', I remember sitting in the car on the passenger's seat just behind my father who was on the wheel. We had just dropped someone who throughout the ride was on the co-driver's seat. Well, anyone who's ever given me … Continue reading 20!

Be like water!

On the list of things that I love, drinking water has a special place. Well, I always tell people that I'm passionate about reading, writing and the fact that I have a blog but I've never quite really told anyone that I also love drinking water because really, that would sound ridiculously awkward if not … Continue reading Be like water!

I finally can breathe.

2:30PM I walk toward the matatu parked near Pumwani Maternity Hospital. I slowly sip my cold bottle of Glacier water which I had bought from an incredibly kind Somali woman who runs a small shop that hosts a few other Somali men that are seated in a group in front of that kiosk. These men, … Continue reading I finally can breathe.

A beautiful spirit that we should adopt.

It's exactly one month since I last wrote an article and my readers have been asking me: "Ulienda wapi?" Which loosely translates to, "where did you go to?" In Swahili.  I always laugh at this question because it's not only hilarious but also senseless! I have been reading, seriously reading! I have also spent that … Continue reading A beautiful spirit that we should adopt.